• CORE STRATEGIC FINANCE SERVICES is a full-service finance team that works as a company’s finance team, supplementing the role of a strategic CFO/CIO role for a firm.

  • CORE prides itself on providing institutional quality consulting and execution capabilities through an experienced team of finance professionals.

  • Our strategic services team aligns with select high-quality companies to create long-term value.

  • Corporate Strategy and Executive Thought Leadership: CORE works closely with its client’s owners and executive management teams to create customized strategies/solutions while staying onboard to drive and oversee the execution.

  • Investment Underwriting Standards: CORE creates standardized institutional quality underwriting approaches for its clients including creating financial models, research processes, comparable analyses, sensitivity/scenario analyses to drive sound underwriting.

  • Financial Planning and Analysis and Investment Underwriting: CORE helps its clients create best practice underwriting standards including company / corporate cash flow modeling, project underwriting processes, and modeling. CORE can lead the underwriting process for analyzing potential company investments and asset investments.

  • Risk Mitigation and Cost Reduction Strategies: CORE assesses existing client structures for risk and creates a risk mitigation plan for its clients.

  • Investor Relations and Reporting: CORE creates customized investor reporting solutions for its clients and then updates and monitors such reporting as needed.